Background and Intelligence

At Ashbury P.I., our proven and experienced team of private investigators understand how important it is for law firms to have the evidence that they need to support their cases. We offer comprehensive backgrounding services and record retrieval. Our litigation support team utilizes all the resources at our disposal, including deep dive online sources, proprietary databases, regulatory filings, social media, and court records to obtain relevant, actionable information about an individual or entity.

Common Background Screening Services that we Provide

Ashbury P.I. offers a broad range of background screening services to support attorneys in the prosecution of their cases. Some of the background check services that we provide include:

Background Check Services for Civil Investigations

Our licensed private investigators gather evidence in a variety of civil disputes including workers’ compensation, domestic matters, personal injury cases, property disputes, and other matters specific to each case.

Leveraging the latest technologies and tactics Ashbury’s backgrounding service possesses the rigor and technical know-how to sort through the noise, delivering high-caliber, credible information.

Insurance Fraud Attorney Background Check Services

Our licensed private investigators handle all aspects of insurance fraud background screening. We research case histories, claims, evidence from the scene, witness statements, and conduct surveillance.


Background Screening Services

Most legal background check services involve obtaining only basic information such as address history and a hurried social media search. Their reports leave gaps in knowledge and fail to provide a complete picture, leaving you exposed or in the dark. Ashbury P.I.’s enhanced backgrounding service goes much deeper into the target’s history. We compile a detailed record of their life and interests, as well as obtain honest references from people that the target has not provided

Investigations and Support Services

Ashbury P.I. offers litigation investigation and support services. We can help locate witnesses and obtain statements, research online information and social media sites, determine financial status, and verify information relevant to each case.

Why Ashbury P.I.

While many services provide basic background or screening services, they are poorly sourced and lack the attention to detail that is required in a data driven world. At Ashbury Investigations our experienced licensed private investigators employ a proven and adaptive process to ensure that our investigations deliver accurate and reliable, but not overwhelming background packages. Ashbury P.I. is conveniently located in Scranton, Pennsylvania and has conducted backgrounding services for countless attorneys, businesses, and private clients. We are confident that we possess rigor and technical know-how to sort through the noise and deliver high-caliber, credible background information at a price that meets your budget. Our skill is showing how data streams can be transformed from raw, uncurated information sets into actionable intelligence and admissible sevidence.

Other Attorney Services

Our strategy for your case depends on what is important to you… time constraints, priorities, budget.  We will find a solution that best suits your situation and needs. Whether you’re looking for a background search or a pre-litigation asset search or need to confirm the veracity of a personal injury claim we can assist you. At Ashbury, we resolve to go the extra mile if that’s what it takes to get you an equitable outcome. Likewise, we understand when you refer a client to us, you are extending your own credibility to us. We take the responsibility of representing you very seriously and always handle your client’s case with steadfast professionalism.


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