Family Practice

Family law cases are highly sensitive and among the most difficult to navigate. Stressful life events such as divorce, dissolution, or a contentious probate process can be decided by the minuscule details and interpretation. In order to prevail in these cases, you need to procure all the evidence that is favorable to your client. The experienced licensed private investigators at Ashbury P.I. are among the most accomplished and respected in Pennsylvania. If you are looking for a private investigator Pennsylvania or licensed private investigators in another domestic matter, look no further than Ashbury P.I.

Types of Private Investigator Services that we Provide

Ashbury P.I. provides a broad range of private investigator services in family law matters throughout Pennsylvania. Some of the types of investigations that we routinely handle include:


We provide comprehensive surveillance services using the latest technologies and best practices. For example, we can obtain evidence regarding partner integrity, perform “lifestyle audits” for heirs and beneficiaries, or uncover potentially negligent or abusive caregiver behavior.


We routinely provide post-divorce private investigator services. Some examples of our services include performing an asset search to enforce a judgment or conducting surveillance to collect evidence of noncompliance.

Asset Search

Depending on what phase of litigation your case exists a better understanding of assets might be the piece of information you need to bring suit or force opposing counsel to the negotiating table. As private investigators, we are limited to the type of direct financial information available to us. However, this does not mean our hands are tied when it comes to uncovering assets or making known undisclosed financial connections. Ashbury works comprehensively and creatively to disclose the various forms of assets.

We can perform an asset search to identify all assets that your client has an equitable interest in. Ashbury is here to protect your assets and recover the ones you’ve lost.


Custody Disputes

Child custody and welfare investigations are always the most important and emotional issue in any divorce or custody proceeding. In order to determine the custody of a young child, the court has one overriding standard to consider – the best interests of the child. If it is not in the best interest of the child to be in the custody of, or have visitation with the other parent, we will find the evidence to support these allegations and help to start the child on the road to a better place. As an experienced family law private investigator, we regularly conduct child custody investigations. We obtain relevant evidence about a parent’s character, behavior, finances, and work history. With this information, the court can determine what is in the best interests of the child.

Service of Process

Service of process is a common task that we perform. We take all necessary precautions to ensure that parties are served fast and successfully to avoid potential difficulties in your case.

Witness Statements

Your case may hinge on an investigator’s ability to locate and interview a witness. Above other services, Ashbury has proven itself to possess an uncommon ability in identifying, locating, and credibly interviewing witnesses. With a mix of highly specific databases and vigorous motivational interviewing techniques, our investigators are concise when preserving the truth. Our licensed private investigators are experienced in all aspects of witness location and obtaining written and recorded statements to support your case.

Why Ashbury P.I.

Family law cases are delicate and require the private investigative services of an agency that has a proven track record of conducting these types of cases with thoughtful consideration. Ashbury P.I. has provided countless attorneys and their clients with comprehensive and cost-effective private investigator services to help them collect the evidence that they need to procure favorable outcomes in their cases.


Other Attorney Services

Our strategy for your case depends on what is important to you… time constraints, priorities, budget.  We will find a solution that best suits your situation and needs. Whether you’re looking for a background search or a pre-litigation asset search or need to confirm the veracity of a personal injury claim we can assist you. At Ashbury, we resolve to go the extra mile if that’s what it takes to get you an equitable outcome. Likewise, we understand when you refer a client to us, you are extending your own credibility to us. We take the responsibility of representing you very seriously and always handle your client’s case with steadfast professionalism.


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