Fraud is the Lie. The Lie is Fraud
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Mixing lies with the truth, victims of fraud are shaded from the crime’s deliberate deception. This means investigating fraud requires an awareness that goes beyond the reported crime. Very often revealing one deceit will unearth a history of criminal activity. That’s why at Ashbury our skill as fraud investigators arises from the way we anticipate associated criminal activity. We uncover the warning signs, then conduct and prepare each investigation as if it were going to trial.

We commit our talents to three distinct types of fraud:

  • Worker’s Compensation: Initially set up to protect the worker at time of injury and indemnify the employer from civil action. Our mission into worker’s compensation fraud is to restore parity between the premiums paid by lawful business owners and the benefits received by a truly injured person.
  • Premium Fraud: knowingly falsifies an accurate portrayal of a businesses in order to reduce insurance cost. An unfair and illegal business practice premium fraud can persist for years before it is discovered. At Ashbury we gather our information hygienically, building a foundation which both communicates a chronology of “what we know”  and demonstrates “how we know what we know.”
  • Investment Fraud: Victims of investment fraud tend to be shareholders or participants in a transaction where facts were concealed or misrepresented. Coming from diverse backgrounds our team can locate constructive evidence in innovative ways.
Elder Abuse
Safeguarding Legacy
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By 2030 California’s elderly population will more than double to 8.5 million. As California seniors grow in age and number so too will their dependence on present generations for advocacy and defense. Ashbury Investigations is answering this call with passion and experience. The goal in each of our investigations is to restore the rights and dignity to the diminished.

How We Help

Whether a high-conflict contested conservatorship or trust matter, or sorting issues surrounding undue influence, the facts matter – but are frequently opaque. We can devote the time needed to uncover and document evidence which allows clients to be more confident in their position or be helpful in resolving disputes. We couple decades of other investigative experience with sensitivity to the subtleties of issues involving elders. Should a matter take an unanticipated course, our toolbox allows us to detect and address concerns which others might miss.

Some of the Services We Provide

  • Home Care/ Assisted Living Providers: Background investigations into new hires or covert “secret shopper” evaluation of caregiver performance. Investigations of HR issues.
  • Private Fiduciaries/ Court Conservators: Asset investigations, in depth follow-up to court investigator findings.
  • Probate/ Trust & Family Law: Locate beneficiaries or verify beneficiary claims.


The Recovery Detective
Making what is lost, found.
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In addition to performing traditional investigative work Ashbury is the detective agency called on by the addiction treatment industry to locate and intervene on those lost to addiction. Working with certified intervention professionals Ashbury creatively proposes solutions at the crucial moments of recovery commitment.   For this investigator interventionist Joe Regan is known As The Recovery Detective. His record is one of ability hitched to hope, navigating and successfully executing on decisions necessary for holistic wellness. He is a measure of safety and comfort in times of crisis.

San Francisco Locals
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Because we live in San Francisco (not just advertise here) Ashbury can handle a range of your time sensitive matters. Located in the Haight Ashbury neighborhood we are minutes way from bringing answers to your doorstep.

  • Criminal arrest records search
  • Superior court records research (civil/ probate/ family/ collaborative)
  • serve an order of process
  •  Activity or Wellness check a San Francisco address in question
  • Perform surveillance

Our proximity to the solution you need allows us to reduce our rate, something you can pass along yourself!

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