Ashbury Workplace Investigations

Fair Impartial Independent

What We Do


Investigate statutory violations when legally obligated or

pursue claims of employee performance and misconduct when directed by management.



Our Approach


Guided by objectivity we solicit the facts in an efficient, confidential, and cost-effective manner.


Our Mission


Conduct independent and good-faith investigations for employers taking the necessary and reasonable steps to respond to statutory violations and complaints of misconduct.

Remote compliance

Remote drug and alcohol screening and monitoring present the dual advantage of minimizing the employer’s liability while ensuring the employee’s privacy is observed and protected. 

Trained Soberlink administrator

oral swabbing done remotely and discretely mean real-time results

Recognizing employee protections and human resource guidelines Ashbury conducts substance use disorder interventions with care and professionalism

Pre-employment interviews and backgrounds

An awareness and understanding of your company’s culture before we step foot in the door, Ashbury’s pre-employment and background service adheres to human resource standards and expectations while forecasting the contingencies that may arise in the course of employment.

Conducted according to DFEH and current labor law standards and expectations

carried out in a cost effective and hiring specific manner

Comprehensive 3 level reports

Workers’ Compensation

Protecting employees at the time of injury and you from a civil lawsuit 

Reasonable suspicion to conduct surveillance

Break through non-medically certified subjective complaints

Capture objective irrefutable proof